About us - a brief history

Founded in 2001

Somagirls.tv was originally founded in 2001 by E.C and Karen Morgan based on their vision of each SomGirls.tv heroine(SomaGirl) exist both in real life and in an animated character. Both founders had envisioned the Somagirls.tv as a fun and friendly site to engage tweens, teens and adult women with webisodes feature in compelling storylines.

The Soma(*).TV Channels

From 2005 to 2009 the site had gradually evolved into several specialized .TV domain channels that encompass topics in fashion, health, luxury lifestyle, modeling, beauty, celebrity, travel, technology, digital media, maternal and kids.

Behind the Scenes

ec morgan

E.C. Morgan
Founder - Business Development

karen morgan

Karen Morgan
Director, Creative Design

somagirls line up

In animated characters and in real-life